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Illamasqua – Scarab

I have 2 other colors that are very similar to this one, so I was going to swap it, but the formula on this one is so much better that I have to keep it! They make such luxurious polishes, don’t they?

This one is a very nice blood red burgundy color with shimmer!


I had also gotten Diamond Cosmetics – Cherry Tobacco and decided to compare it side by side:

I love the Cherry Tobacco but it just looks too black unless its in very direct sun, so I was bummed about that.

By the way, I am SO sorry my server was down this weekend. My ISP actually disconnected my cable because someone else in my apartment complex moved out and they thought they were disconnecting their line. I was so angry, I told them I knew it went out because their service guys messed up mine while someone else was moving out or in, and they still made me wait all weekend for my appointment. The guy that came to fix it this morning said he put a tag on my line with my apartment number so it won’t happen again. Argh.


Illamasqua – Nudge (& Raindrops)

I LOVE this color!!! Look how bright pretty perfect clean blue it is on the nail!


I seriously just LOVE this, it isn’t all the coffee talking. 😀

Anyway, I also got Raindrops when I ordered this, and I don’t think it does so well on its own, at least not on me. But over another blue, it gives it a greyed out tone that I love… and then there are the flecks in this one that stand out a lot!

This is over my 2 coats of Nudge from the first swatch. I put 2 coats, then 1 coat, then left Nudge alone and put OPI -What’s with the Cattitude on my pinky just because its one a lot of people have, just in case you want to compare blues!

See how much that Nudge stands out and looks so super clean next to the OPI Cattitude? Which one is your favorite, and are you gonna get Raindrops? If you search around, a lot of people tried Raindrops over a lot of things!

Illamasqua – Lament

How have I been missing out on this one for so long!? When I went to order Purity, I looked at some older ones and picked out this one and Nudge. I love them both SO much.

For now, here’s Lament!

It is a nice bright pink with a hint of coral to it. Not matte/satin like their hot pink Collide, but still really bright! It applies really nicely too like I think all of their polishes do. I’m so glad I gave this one a try, I love it so much!