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Inglot – 975

This is one of the polishes from their Browns collection.

If you love taupes and chocolatey browns, you’d love this one. 🙂

Kind of mushroomy too!


Inglot – 726

This one is like a crimson blood red matte polish.

I had ordered this one online hoping it was just dark red, so the burnt blood red color kind of disappointed, but if that color is what you like, this one is actually really awesome.

I like their matte polishes!

Inglot – 343, 346, 635, & 636

Were you wondering what I bought at Inglot? I got 5 polishes, this awesome shimmery eye shadow that is pink and brown, and 3 round pans for my 10 round pallet.

Let’s get to the 4 dark polishes I got! (The other was a light pink matte that I’ll swatch later, it wasn’t that exciting.)

These are SO amazing. 343 and 346 are really… dazzling! 343 is a wine color and 346 is my perfect favorite brown color that isn’t so dark that it could be mistaken for black and isn’t bronzey!

635 and 636 are their new “breathable” line of polishes. They are a creme base with a hidden shimmer. 635 is taupe with purple shimmer and 636 is a purple magenta with raspberry pink shimmer.

I took another shot that focused more on 635 and 636 so you can hopefully see the hidden shimmer come out a little more. It isn’t as apparent as it is in the bottle (the bottle I’m holding is 635 by the way!!) but you can still see it!

What do you think!? 635 can sound like a Paradoxal dupe but it really isn’t… it is much more strictly taupe, the only thing that is purple is the shimmer inside!

I love them all and can’t give any of them up! 🙂

Inglot – 729

These are like Flormar polishes, no names, only numbers!

This is SUCH an awesome nail polish, it is one of the main reasons I’m heading to the new Inglot store right now!

Its a lush dark chocolate matte nail polish that isn’t so dark that it looks black, its very dark brown like a chocolate bar!

Let’s see what else I can find now that I get to go see all of the polishes in person! 😀

On my way to Inglot!

I don’t know where I’ve been but I just realized that I have an Inglot store nearby! I’m heading down toward Fashion Island today anyway, so I’m going to leave an hour or so earlier because look at THIS!

I am having major issues with the http://www.inglotusa.com online shopping process… Its a long story that starts with my order, and still hasn’t ended after 5 deliveries, continuing to get my order wrong. In their defense, they do let me keep the items they sent by accident, but I still haven’t gotten something I originally ordered, so I will just go by it myself! 🙂

I love their freedom system pallets, you can put eye shadows (including the new ACM holographic sparkly shadows), concealers, lip sticks, etc. in them and they close like a magnet instead of having clasps that can break or pop open.

That whole wall of nail polish is a little bit scary to go face in person. I hope to leave without buying more than 3 or so? 🙂

I’ll make a post before I leave with an awesome Inglot matte polish I got when I ordered online!