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Diamond Cosmetics – Joust for Kicks

This was the last one from my Diamond Cosmetics haul. I have so many polishes left to swatch now, its ridiculous. I have this Nordstrom bag here with some wedding planning stuff and I started putting the polishes I would pick up or order in that bag, waiting for the next time I was swatching for my blog. Now the bag is like half full of wedding planning stuff and half full of nail polish. haha!

Anyway, here is Joust for Kicks! It looks too bronzey for me in the bottle, but once it is on the nail, it is SUCH a gorgeous brown!

Direct sun doesn’t bring out the bronze either, it just brings out the chocolate brown. I’m loving this one.

I hope they come out with some new colors soon. They are seriously so affordable for such an awesome B3F formula, it makes me want more!