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ManGlaze – Mayonnaise & hot pinks to stamp with!

This was some experimenting I did before the french manicure that I posted in my last post!

First, I put a layer of ManGlaze – Mayonnaise on, so that I could see what these hot pinks were going to look like over white!

Here is a swatch, its a matte white polish with some shimmer!

Here were my hot pinks and one neon green I was going to try while I was at it:

From left to right, those are Color Club – Screamin Fucshia, Konad – Psyche Pink, Sally Hansen – Sonic Bloom, a Kiss nail art polish in Bikini Coral, Revlon Scented – Raspberry Rapture, Sally Hansen – Orange You Cute, Zoya – Ali, Illamasqua – Lament, Diamond Cosmetics nail art polish in neon green, Essie – Pink Parka, and Zoya – Lolly

The 3 on the right didn’t work at all (Diamond Cosmetics nail art polish in neon green, Essie – Pink Parka, and Zoya – Lolly)! But all of the ones on the right did!

Here they are stamped with the new bundle monster plates!

Illamasqua – Lament

How have I been missing out on this one for so long!? When I went to order Purity, I looked at some older ones and picked out this one and Nudge. I love them both SO much.

For now, here’s Lament!

It is a nice bright pink with a hint of coral to it. Not matte/satin like their hot pink Collide, but still really bright! It applies really nicely too like I think all of their polishes do. I’m so glad I gave this one a try, I love it so much!