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Catrice – Am I Blue or Green?

Silke from the Netherlands actually sent me this one just as a throw-in with something else we swapped and I think this is one of my most favorite nail polishes now!

Look at how cute this perfect pastel minty bluish green color is!

And I just love the name of it too…

I’m a little obsessed with this type of color if you haven’t noticed.

The first day on the job was pretty great, I’m excited! Thanks for the good luck. 🙂

Anna Sui Polishes

I really only bought these because I had to have the bottles… aren’t those so precious!?

Then I was surprised by the polish! I didn’t know this was one of the features but it smells like roses!!! It smells so good!

This one is called Snow (or 013). It is a sheer, shimmery white with some flashes of red and I think I notice a little flash of blue too?

Even the top of the bottle looks like a rose!

This is the 2nd one I got. It is called Sky (or 107). It is blue with glitter and large square chunks of silver glitter too!

You can get these online at Urban Outfitters or of course you can search on ebay or for a swap!

Happy Easter! And some pastel blue comparisons…

Here is Eyeko – Pastel Polish!

The bottle shows a lot of hidden shimmer like Hard Candy – Sky, so they are very similar but I think Sky has more white in the base. They are both really pretty though!

I compared it with 2 other pastel blues I’ve gotten recently.
From left to right, Eyeko – Pastel, Color Club – Take Me To Your Chateau, love & beauty – Pearlescent Aqua, Eyeko – Pastel

The bottle in that one is love & beauty – Pearlescent Aqua from forever 21. That one has a lot of shimmer and is more sheer than the others.

Color Club’s Take Me To Your Chateau is SO opaque! It looked like that after ONE coat! No streaks, no bald spots, no cloudiness, just completely opaque. I felt like I was brushing on acrylic paint. Its a must-have!

Oh, and here are the cupcakes I made for Easter! 🙂

I was going to do American Apparel Butter with some black chickys stamped from the Konad plate with the chick, sheep, etc. but I totally ran out of time since I had to make so many cupcakes, so I’m wearing Butter London – Teddy Girl again. I love it so much!

China Glaze – Blue Without U

This one is a rare HTF China Glaze, but you can usually find someone who has it on ebay. That’s what I did. Actually, I didn’t go looking for it, I was looking for something else. I’m so bad though and I always go looking at what else the same person is selling since I’ll probably combine shipping anyway.

So I saw this one! This is what the bottle looks like:

I couldn’t really pass that up. It was shimmery, and it was very half blue and half pink or kind of mixed… all I knew was I had nothing like it so I wanted to check it out!

Here it is by itself on the index and middle fingers, over white on the ring finger, and over black on the pinky:

Its almost kind of ugly by itself, but over white it is a really pretty blue… and over black, all you can see is the pink! How awesome is that?

I actually thought it looked really unique over black… it isn’t that dark if you do another coat, and it looks like a metallic vintage rose color!

Chanel – Riva

Okay, I wanted to give you guys the full report on this one, since we all know the color is so pretty but we keep hearing the formula isn’t very easy to apply.

After finding Hard Candy – Sky a few weeks ago and falling so in love with it, I HAD to try Riva because I heard it was a dupe for Riva.

I didn’t find the application that troublesome really, it just takes a few coats.

Not really wearable after the 2nd coat. Most of my polishes are good to go after 2 coats, so I guess it isn’t that good to know it takes more, but I was happy after a 3rd coat that I made sure to lay on thick.

Since 3 coats made it kind of soft, I used Seche Vite… I can’t say enough how much you can trust that stuff to leave a hard plastic shell on your polish and not let you get dents, dings, lines, etc.

Here is my final Riva swatch:

I hate how the inside lighting makes my hands look so red and yellow, ick. I’ll have to figure out a better way to snap swatches for my blog!

Anyway, here was my outside sunlight shot of it:

Now, I have to give this Riva report a sad ending. 😦
Before removing it, I wanted to paint Hard Candy – Sky on one nail and see what I thought. (Sorry, my skin looks awful in this one! Blogs are so honest. haha!)

I like Sky better! And now I love it so much more, after comparing it. Hard Candy – Sky is a little bit lighter and looks more like a milky light blue glass that shows off the shimmer inside a little bit better. The Riva was so soft too that the Seche Vite realllly caused shrinkage and pulled it back.

You’d have to try for yourself I guess!