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Color Club Revvvolution over Zoya Lo

I saw the Vivid Lacquer stamping plates and had to get some!

This image is from VL 005. Its the famous Lorem ipsum quote block in really pretty font!

It seems like everytime I wear Zoya Lo, I love the color but really want to stamp a gray or black over it. Color Club Revvvolution is black holo that stamps nicely.

How can you be in a bad mood with nails this bubbly?

I love pink and gray together, so I was really wanting to find a chance to do a konad with those colors. Nah, I’m not too old for this. (Right!? :/)

Its Zoya Lo with China Glaze Awaken…

Not so exciting in the shade, but still kind-of fun to look at?

I’m so bad, I’m always admiring my nail polish while I drive because its the only time the sun hits it. haha!! Oooh, it matches my bubble ring. 😀