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Nina Ultra Pro – Maple Syrup + Matte + Konad :)

This is such a pretty, shimmery, lustrous brown. I’ve worn it a few times and love it so much!

This time I thought I’d try it with Essie Matte About You on it and it kind of frosted it up a bit too much, I need to find a Matte that has a little less of an effect for some of my polishes…

I went to put a clear coat back over it so it wouldn’t be so frosty and I was missing my stamping stuff so much, so I got my stuff out and stamped some stars on with China Glaze Adore. 🙂

Then I was happy!!

Nubar – Avant Garde

I’m back from my business trip! Everything went really well with my software and I met some really cool people from Boeing, Lockheed, Aerospace Corp. and the Air Force! (None of which gave a crap about nail polish, of course.)

Anyway, I wore Chanel Cosmic Violine which lasted all 5 days, and now I must put something else on!

Here is Nubar’s Avant Garde which is a matte! I love this color, its an awesome warm burgundy color that looks awesome as a matte.

I also got my engagement ring back all finished and beautiful finally!! I don’t have to wear my wedding band as my engagement ring anymore. haha!

I’ll take a picture soon, it was gloomy out today, although coming back from DC where it was unbearably hot, I can not complain at all… I think the only thing I love about California is the weather.

I got to sightsee before leaving. I got pictures of the Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Washington Monument, White House… I’ll post an album soon!

Zoya – Lolly & Mitzi

I think I made the comments functionality a little better last night… it will either give you a confirmation (if it remembered your identity from last time you commented), or it will at least say that it was posted and you have to refresh to see it. I hope that helps!

This swatch is Lolly and Mitzi from the Mod Mattes that Zoya released for summer. Phoebe was the other one, which I already swatched.

I don’t know, I just can’t let these two grow on me. They are just kind of an ugly shade of magenta and green, or at least on my skin tone! I did love Phoebe and I’m keeping that one, but I just can’t seem to like these!

I did used to love some ugly 70s colors like burnt orange and avocado green (like grandma’s kitchen wallpaper!) but this green is like… well, I have parakeets and I’m always cleaning up their poop, and its that kind of green. haha!!

What do you guys think of that collection?

Borghese – Vignetto Berry

This one was swapped to me, so I had chosen it kind of randomly from a picture.

I was so surprised to find that it was a matte! And it looks so amazing with a clear coat on top!

(Clear coat on the ring finger)

I didn’t like the chunkiness as the matte, and when the top coat was on, it was sooo gorgeous but it reminded me of 2 other polishes I have, so I’m swapping it. I am seriously running out of room, so I’m having to really fight my urges to hold onto all of these!

Inglot – 729

These are like Flormar polishes, no names, only numbers!

This is SUCH an awesome nail polish, it is one of the main reasons I’m heading to the new Inglot store right now!

Its a lush dark chocolate matte nail polish that isn’t so dark that it looks black, its very dark brown like a chocolate bar!

Let’s see what else I can find now that I get to go see all of the polishes in person! 😀

ManGlaze – Mayonnaise & hot pinks to stamp with!

This was some experimenting I did before the french manicure that I posted in my last post!

First, I put a layer of ManGlaze – Mayonnaise on, so that I could see what these hot pinks were going to look like over white!

Here is a swatch, its a matte white polish with some shimmer!

Here were my hot pinks and one neon green I was going to try while I was at it:

From left to right, those are Color Club – Screamin Fucshia, Konad – Psyche Pink, Sally Hansen – Sonic Bloom, a Kiss nail art polish in Bikini Coral, Revlon Scented – Raspberry Rapture, Sally Hansen – Orange You Cute, Zoya – Ali, Illamasqua – Lament, Diamond Cosmetics nail art polish in neon green, Essie – Pink Parka, and Zoya – Lolly

The 3 on the right didn’t work at all (Diamond Cosmetics nail art polish in neon green, Essie – Pink Parka, and Zoya – Lolly)! But all of the ones on the right did!

Here they are stamped with the new bundle monster plates!

Zoya Spoilers…

They were driving me crazy with their spoilers on facebook, and then I saw Beauty by Brittany’s blog and found color swatches!

These are thanks to her, from this post:

I need Lolly and Faye! Maybe Tamsen and Areej? When are they going to make one named Holly? 😀

Which ones are you going to jump on?