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Claire's – Poison Apple

I hear this is a dupe for MAC’s Bad Fairy, but I haven’t tried that one myself.

This is a neat duochrome polish with warm colors that shift from red to copper. Its a thin foily texture!

I gave everyone an extra day or so for The US Essence @holographics giveaway and I’ll pick the winner tonight!


No Miss – Everglades Eggplant

My fiance drove me up to Whole Foods so I could jump out and buy my yogurt and coffee cream that only they have. I was like “I’ll be fast, just drop me off and circle around and I’ll be right out…”

Of course the nail polish racks caught my eye as I ran past the beauty section! What is my problem? haha!

Anyway, so this is what I grabbed! It was about 7 or 8 dollars, and this brand is very proud of how healthy their formula is. It sure is really awesome and lustrous! It changes between purple and rose, and some shots of the bottle even show another few colors if you look around the edges.

This shows the name of the brand, in case you want to look them up!

Here are the ingredients that they proudly display!

In complete shade, it does look more eggplant-colored, but it doesn’t take much light to really show off the different colors it has!

I’d say its a winner, wouldn’t you? 🙂 They had a lot of other colors too!

Zoya – Blair, Kalista, Mikka & Rihana

I was doing a lot of Zoya swatching today! I wanted to compare all of these dark jewel-toned shimmers.

All of them are so pretty and they come alive in the light because of how rich the pigment is. All of these are only 2 coats too!

Blair and Kalista are my favorites. Before doing this comparison, I loved Rihana but now I think the others are better on my skin tone because they are a little warmer.

It looks like their tones from left to right are red, brown, purple, and magenta! The bottle is Blair, by the way.

Zoya really knows how to make some awesome polishes!

BB Couture – Coal Miner

I have to say again that I’m so glad I finally gave BB Couture a chance, because I used to think I didn’t like their polishes but I am always SO impressed when I put them on!

This one is a dark gray color with blue shimmer.. but not like the regular navy blue I usually see in dark blue shimmers, its really more like a lighter powder blue shimmer that comes out looking SO awesome in the dark base!

I don’t even like blue polishes really unless they are super light blue, but I’m SO in love with this one!

Look at the shimmer in that bottle. 🙂

In the shade it is still really nice and shimmery, but I do like the way it looks better in the sun.

I have a few more of their polishes that are coming up! They claim to be base coat, top coat, and strengthener all in one. I never usually put just polish on with no base or top coats, so I haven’t tried it alone, have you?

Diamond Cosmetics – Joust for Kicks

This was the last one from my Diamond Cosmetics haul. I have so many polishes left to swatch now, its ridiculous. I have this Nordstrom bag here with some wedding planning stuff and I started putting the polishes I would pick up or order in that bag, waiting for the next time I was swatching for my blog. Now the bag is like half full of wedding planning stuff and half full of nail polish. haha!

Anyway, here is Joust for Kicks! It looks too bronzey for me in the bottle, but once it is on the nail, it is SUCH a gorgeous brown!

Direct sun doesn’t bring out the bronze either, it just brings out the chocolate brown. I’m loving this one.

I hope they come out with some new colors soon. They are seriously so affordable for such an awesome B3F formula, it makes me want more!

China Glaze – Blue Without U

This one is a rare HTF China Glaze, but you can usually find someone who has it on ebay. That’s what I did. Actually, I didn’t go looking for it, I was looking for something else. I’m so bad though and I always go looking at what else the same person is selling since I’ll probably combine shipping anyway.

So I saw this one! This is what the bottle looks like:

I couldn’t really pass that up. It was shimmery, and it was very half blue and half pink or kind of mixed… all I knew was I had nothing like it so I wanted to check it out!

Here it is by itself on the index and middle fingers, over white on the ring finger, and over black on the pinky:

Its almost kind of ugly by itself, but over white it is a really pretty blue… and over black, all you can see is the pink! How awesome is that?

I actually thought it looked really unique over black… it isn’t that dark if you do another coat, and it looks like a metallic vintage rose color!

Me Me Me – Pewter

This is a color I don’t have yet! Not even close! Pewter has a metallic silver look with an olive green tone to it. It isn’t that light actually, it can appear light in the shade, but in the light, the contrast really changes and it pops!


I’m keeping this one for sure, it is the one metallic color I definitely had nothing close to. And it goes on really nicely in 2 coats, which is always ideal for me.