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Misa – Touch the Rainbow

This is such a nice clean blue/gray/minty sparkly polish! I don’t know how to describe it (obviously!) but it is actually this opaque after only 2 coats!

It isn’t dirty looking even though it has some gray in it…

If you look closer up, you can see the shimmer of the minty green inside.

I am keeping this one, its lovely. 😀

Hello Kitty – Mint!

I feel like a kid again, these bottles that Hello Kitty has at Sephora are SO cute! I couldn’t pass up getting one!


I wanted to compare it to Essie Mint Candy Apple since most people are familiar with that one. That is on my thumb, so you can see that the Hello Kitty Mint is a tiny bit more green.


I wish the other Hello Kitty colors were my thing, but maybe they’ll come out with some new ones! 🙂

Here is what they have now -> Sephora – Hello Kitty