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Essie – Sheers To You – Treat Love & Color

Sorry about the lack of editing here, I have a newborn at home! 🙂 Best excuse ever!

Anyway, I wanted to try this treatment line for the longest time but kept putting it off. Finally, a CVS coupon plus a waiting period for my prescription led to me buying one of these!

Sheers To You looked pretty because of the pink shimmer but I couldn’t find any swatches… so here are some swatches! There must be some available online in case you want to see it too!

Not too much to see, but sometimes you still just must see. 🙂


Nfu Oh 63 for Kaley

Kaley wanted magical nails for Vegas so I put on Nfu Oh 63 over their Aqua base coat.

She saw my old nail transfer tattoos and wanted the little owls. It looks so cute!

OPI – Man of La Mancha over black

I always thought OPI Man of La Mancha and La Boheme were amazing on their own but since I’m going to Vegas, I wanted to put something pink over black… so this magic happened!
Man of La Mancha over black!


Zoya Chyna over Blair

I put a layer of Chyna over Blair so that it looked a little darker than the normal ruby red slippers color of Chyna.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Zoya – Blair

I’ve already swatched Blair but I really loved this red apple that I found while I was wearing Blair again!  

So here’s another swatch!


Zoya – Dahlia

And I’m holding a bottle of Lo because it’s my favorite pink!


Zoya – Lillian

Turned out a lot less greenish than I thought it’d be. It’s still a pretty vintage blue!

I took this one playing ping pong at a bar. 😀