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Finger Paints – Cordur Orange with Leaves

I couldn’t wait to finally wear Cordur Orange! It was finally the right time for it. I love burnt orange but never wore it on my nails before.

I stamped the leaves with the new Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Cocoa A Go Go!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Sorry about the lighting, couldn’t get one during the day!)

Trying a Neon Comparison…

Why is it so impossible to photograph neon polishes? Even when I do everything manually and set white balance, color balance, etc while I’m shooting…

I’ll give this a go anyway in case you were curious if some neon pinks/reds are more orange than another!

I did this to help me choose my neon konad which I’ll post next!

China Glaze – Shocking Pink, BYS – UV Tension Rising, Color Club – Screamin Fuschia, American Apparel – Neon Red:

I tried taking it in a dark corner of my room, but the colors still look like they are just blaring and not true to what they really look like. Wahhh!

You can see my engagement ring a little better though! 🙂

China Glaze – Japanese Koi & OPI – Osaka To Me Orange

I don’t wear orange but my step-mom loves neon orange lately so I got her these!

From left to right, China Glaze – Japanese Koi, OPI – Osaka To Me Orange:

Japanese Koi is super bright and Osaka To Me Orange was a little more dull so layering them seemed like a good balance!

I want to change my nail polish but my sprained wrist/hand makes it impossible to paint one of the hands… argh!