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A little bit of news…

Peeps make me happy and I LOVE this time of year when you see them everywhere!

Anyway, onto the news!

-First of all, you should go and vote in this Rescue Beauty Lounge contest to bring back a discontinued color! I voted for Anne, I hope I’ll finally get to try that one out myself!

Voting and swatches are here:

-ManGlaze just came out with a pink one called Fuck Off & Dye! Guess that’s one we can’t ask our parents to get us for a present… even at my age, I still won’t say that around my parents, even though I curse like a sailor around my friends and even worse at home alone. haha!

Check it out here:

-I’m impatiently waiting to hear about Zoya’s Earth Day event since last year’s was a good one. Let’s keep an eye on their Facebook page! I hate when I miss things because I forgot to keep checking on it.

-Sephora’s 15% off week starts today for Beauty Insiders! I went yesterday but its open to all with coupon code BICHIC. You don’t have to use it just once, you can use it all throughout the week! (VIBCHIC works too.)

-Ozotic Pro just release the new Ozotic Elytra polishes. They are 3 glittery multichromes. Check them out!

528, 529, and 530

(The store that uses those swatches as their cart logos credits youvegotnail.com for those, so I found more swatches on this blog post.)