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Pure Ice – Pardon My French (lemming!)

My story about looking everywhere for Pardon My French has such a happy ending! Pure Ice sent it to me themselves! I am so thankful to them, I hope they know it. 🙂

They saw my post somehow and answered the call, doesn’t that just make you love them even more? Generous and good to their customers beyond belief!

Anyway, I’ll get to the swatch! It was more than I even expected. I didn’t need a base color layer at all, and it wasn’t globby like a lot of other hex glitter polishes are. It is even a peach-ish color of brown, so it is really unique. So absolutely perfect!

Color Club – Pardon My French

I started to really like the look of a light pink that’s whiter than my skin tone and not too blue… so I’ve been adding colors like this to my stash lately!

Do people in other countries say this by the way? “Pardon my french, but fuck that shit.” Is that just a US thing?

Here’s Pardon My French!

Its so early, I’m not liking the getting up at 6am thing.