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Priti NYC – Lady Killer Crocus & Iberica Iris

First of all, I started a Flickr Group for brown nail polish! If you’re on Flickr and have any photos with brown nail polish, please upload them! Or if you just like it, please join! 🙂

Onto today’s polish… I had always wanted to try Priti NYC polishes, so I tried my hardest to pick from their bottle pictures, which is tough… and there aren’t many swatches out there.

When they got to me, I unwrapped the bottles and loved one and was grossed out by the other!

I was surprised though when they were actually on the nail!

I thought the polish in the Iberica Iris bottle was gorgeous, and I thought the Lady Killer Crocus in the bottle looked so hideous. I was so disappointed. But look at how pretty Lady Killer Crocus is on the nail!! As it turned out, the Iberica Iris almost matched the Lady Killer Crocus bottle, so I ended up lovvvvving the LKC and putting II up for swap.

You just never know until you swatch it!