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ManGlaze – Mayonnaise & hot pinks to stamp with!

This was some experimenting I did before the french manicure that I posted in my last post!

First, I put a layer of ManGlaze – Mayonnaise on, so that I could see what these hot pinks were going to look like over white!

Here is a swatch, its a matte white polish with some shimmer!

Here were my hot pinks and one neon green I was going to try while I was at it:

From left to right, those are Color Club – Screamin Fucshia, Konad – Psyche Pink, Sally Hansen – Sonic Bloom, a Kiss nail art polish in Bikini Coral, Revlon Scented – Raspberry Rapture, Sally Hansen – Orange You Cute, Zoya – Ali, Illamasqua – Lament, Diamond Cosmetics nail art polish in neon green, Essie – Pink Parka, and Zoya – Lolly

The 3 on the right didn’t work at all (Diamond Cosmetics nail art polish in neon green, Essie – Pink Parka, and Zoya – Lolly)! But all of the ones on the right did!

Here they are stamped with the new bundle monster plates!


I usually walk around in vampy polishes but V Day time is a good excuse to try out some of the polishes I think are so gorgeous that I’m not used to!

I’ve been dying to try my Nfu Oh 48 over something, and I’ve recently picked up this unknown pink OPI (I don’t know which it is but its my favorite pink ever so I wish I knew!) and this Scented Revlon Raspberry Rapture!

I tried both…

I think it looks better over the Raspberry Rapture since it shows less of the green flakies, so I’m going with this!

This is the Raspberry Rapture by itself, I love it! It is really close to China Glaze Sneakerhead which I also have and love, it just isn’t as fluorescent I guess. And yes it smells so good! Yum!

The final manicure!

Those damn Nfu Oh bottles are the most badass bottles on the planet btw.

I’ll definitely do a V Day konad in a few days, I just didn’t have time today because I’m off to my boyfriend’s parents house for a BBQ. (I’m so sorry if you live in other states, I know you can’t just go out in the sun and have a BBQ right now, but its so hot here. haha!)