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I’m in Hawaii!! And finally took off my french tips that were getting all screwed up anyway.

I made this franken before the wedding… RBL Poco a Poco was too light so I added China Glaze IX, Nicole by OPI You’re An Angel, and OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes and made this gorgeousness!!
Honeymoon Nails!

From our beach condo in Maui! Loving this view!!!!
Honeymoon Nails and our awesome view!!

Here’s one from our last beach condo in Kuai, although in that one we had to walk a bit out the door for this view…
Honeymoon :)

4 Spring Peaches!

There are only 18 entries in my Spring Giveaway guys, so your chances are really good. Just FYI!

Illamasqua Purity was my first peach polish, and I loved it, so I wanted to do a little comparison of the others I picked up recently!

Here is American Apparel’s Summer Peach. I think pale Peach is much more springy than summery…

I compared it here with Illamasqua Purity. You can see how Purity is more glossy and a little darker of a shade. Both are very pretty!

Then I added another two so I could compare them all side-by-side. The two I added are Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Lulu and a new one that forever21.com had, which was Feminine Wiles by love & beauty. (Their polishes don’t really have names on the bottles so I labeled it as love & beauty’s peach but when I went through to find my old invoice, I saw that on the site, it is named Feminine Wiles. They describe it as baby pink but to me its pretty peachy!?)

Oh, and don’t miss out on Zoya’s Earth Day promo! It is SUCH a good deal! My color spoons should get here by tonight so I’ll be filling my cart before I go to bed. 🙂

Details here!!

A little bit of news…

Peeps make me happy and I LOVE this time of year when you see them everywhere!

Anyway, onto the news!

-First of all, you should go and vote in this Rescue Beauty Lounge contest to bring back a discontinued color! I voted for Anne, I hope I’ll finally get to try that one out myself!

Voting and swatches are here:

-ManGlaze just came out with a pink one called Fuck Off & Dye! Guess that’s one we can’t ask our parents to get us for a present… even at my age, I still won’t say that around my parents, even though I curse like a sailor around my friends and even worse at home alone. haha!

Check it out here:

-I’m impatiently waiting to hear about Zoya’s Earth Day event since last year’s was a good one. Let’s keep an eye on their Facebook page! I hate when I miss things because I forgot to keep checking on it.

-Sephora’s 15% off week starts today for Beauty Insiders! I went yesterday but its open to all with coupon code BICHIC. You don’t have to use it just once, you can use it all throughout the week! (VIBCHIC works too.)

-Ozotic Pro just release the new Ozotic Elytra polishes. They are 3 glittery multichromes. Check them out!

528, 529, and 530

(The store that uses those swatches as their cart logos credits youvegotnail.com for those, so I found more swatches on this blog post.)

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Catherine

This one really has so many different looks! From far away it seems like a purple grey metallic color, but when the light catches it or if you look more closely, you can see so many different colors in this one.


I turned the bottle around for another swatch so you can really see the color inside of the bottle… how do you even describe that?

There are tons of twinkling bright colors like pink, purple, cyan, bluish purple, and even glints of lighter pewter. Check that out!

My first Rescue Beauty Lounge haul ends with that one and I am so impressed by this brand. I can’t wait to try more when they come out with newer ones… I’m really sad that I missed out on Anne!

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Lulu

This one ended up being a lot more peachy than pink, but that wasn’t so unfortunate for me anyway because my skin tone does better with peachier pinks!

This one was so much easier to apply than my other pastel peachy pinks, I was able to get this look after 2 coats, where it takes at least 3 with my others.

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Decorous

This is one of their newest polishes that just went on sale last week. I had to grab this one before they sold out!

It is a lighter milky taupe, a lot like China Glaze – Ingrid. Actually, it is just like Butter London – Fash Pack but with silver shimmer instead of gold!

The reason I swapped Fash Pack was because of all the gold shimmer, but you can see in the 2nd, more lit picture, that there’s a lot of silver shimmer in this one!

Their polishes always surprise me because they are nice and thin, and so easy to apply! They seem streaky on the first coat because of how thin they are, but the 2nd coat never fails to turn out nicely.

Are you going jump on this one?