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Zoya – Faye and Kate

I was so excited this weekend when my Zoya package arrived on the same day as my first package from Eyeko!

I’ll be swatching all of these, but first I’ll start with Faye and Kate.

Faye is from Zoya’s Sunshine Polish Collection. From that collection, I got this one along with Reva. Both colors surprised me quite a bit. Faye was a lot lighter on the nail than I thought, but only because it is SO full of gold sparkle, its crazy. They really named this collection properly because it is full of bright sunshiney sparkle.

Kate isn’t one of the new ones, I was just in the mood to buy vintage-ish rose creams, and Kate is the one I wore today. I love it! Its almost like the Orly Pink Chocolate polish. 🙂


China Glaze – Blue Without U

This one is a rare HTF China Glaze, but you can usually find someone who has it on ebay. That’s what I did. Actually, I didn’t go looking for it, I was looking for something else. I’m so bad though and I always go looking at what else the same person is selling since I’ll probably combine shipping anyway.

So I saw this one! This is what the bottle looks like:

I couldn’t really pass that up. It was shimmery, and it was very half blue and half pink or kind of mixed… all I knew was I had nothing like it so I wanted to check it out!

Here it is by itself on the index and middle fingers, over white on the ring finger, and over black on the pinky:

Its almost kind of ugly by itself, but over white it is a really pretty blue… and over black, all you can see is the pink! How awesome is that?

I actually thought it looked really unique over black… it isn’t that dark if you do another coat, and it looks like a metallic vintage rose color!

Rose/Mauve Polishes

I was wanting to find a nice rosey mauve color, so I tried Essie Angora Cardi and OPI Japanese Rose Garden. They’re pretty different but I actually like them both! They are both keepers, and I think this is the first Essie polish that actually looks good on me. (Although I still don’t like the way it applies… darn Essie!)

Essie Angora Cardi

OPI Japanese Rose Garden

I want to try the Eyeko Tea Rose or China Glaze Fifth Avenue sometime.

Brown and Mauve colors look the best on me with my super light skin and dark roots/eyebrows. (Even though most of my hair is dyed blonde! ha!)

My favorite nail polish of all time is China Glaze Delight because its like mauve and brown in different lights! 😀