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My happiest Valentine's Day!

I gave myself this ridiculously bright pink V Day konad and took this picture:

I used China Glaze Sneakerhead, added white konad hearts, and then covered it with this stuff, which is pretty clear with bright pink sparkly shimmer…


Then last night after dinner, my boyfriend and I went to walk at the beach and now I’m engaged!!!

I have to take pictures with my actual engagement ring soon, but right now we are having issues and it is at the jeweler’s so I only have a picture with my wedding band now! Its floral and has like 3 leaves, each with a little diamond, and then a dot repeated, I love it so much.

I know I’m not supposed to wear the wedding band until the wedding, but I’m so excited that I have to wear something on that finger until I get my engagement one back! haha!


China Glaze – Sneakerhead

My favorite hot pink is when you get right up to the line of almost reddish, so when I saw Sneakerhead, I was so excited! It looked like my favorite fluorescent red! I’m not too sure this looks good on my nails still, I just love to look at it.

Since it is more jelly-ish than creme-ish, it dries pretty red. I’ll probably use it to make a franken with a little bit of hot pink.

For now, here is Sneakerhead: