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BB Couture – Michael

I’m back from my vacation!

I have a swatch of BB Couture’s Michael. I think a lot of you might love this one, but it was too blue for me. If I wear blue its usually a super light blue or a dark teal color. I wish I could pull this one off since it is so full of different colored glitter inside!

About the trip, I took a not-too-far-away trip to see Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and I wanted to show Bryan the Grand Canyon since he has never been somehow, but I chose the wrong entry point and ended up just showing him the ugliest part of it. Argh… and the other entry points that are much more awesome to see were like 4 hours away even though if we could just cross the canyon it would have only been like 10 miles away. At least he can join the rest of us Californians that are from this planet and say he’s seen the Grand Canyon? haha!

In case you guys are dog lovers like me, I have to show you this cute toy I got for Cupid. It gives them treats and is supposed to entertain them in the process but it mostly entertained ME! (I’m wearing Sinful Colors – See You Soon.)

Nail Polish Collection!

Okay, so my video turned into 3 since it was like 35 minutes long, whew!

I’ll embed the first part here, but you can see all 3 parts by either clicking my youtube icon on the right sidebar, or clicking HERE! 🙂

Of course this might change soon, I get new ones, try my hardest to swap ones I think I love so much but have to try and give up because I don’t wear it as much, etc.

Hopefully this doesn’t look too crazy? haha!