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Illamasqua – Faux Pas

This is one of those purples that isn’t for me, but I LOVE these polishes from their Theatre of the Nameless collection.  These are the ones that all have the waxy, rubberized finish.

I kept Taint and Vice, but I did swap this one already.  It went fast!

I took a look at their newest collection that came out last week, Human Fundamentalism.  The newest colors are a pistachio green and a muted magenta color.  Nomad and Stance.  I don’t think either of them would be a color I’d wear, so I’ll have to wait until their next one comes out!


Illamasqua – Vice

I wore this one a whole week and realized I hadn’t swatched it so you’ll see some chips, but I can rarely wear a nail polish that long and have it looking only this bad! haha! And of course this is with no top coat, so it keeps that rubbery look.

Their new 4 polishes with the waxy coat are SO awesome.

This one is Vice. Its a rich berry-ish color but on the warm side.

I can’t wait to try Taint. 🙂
(Some things you just never think you’ll have a reason to say?)

Oh and I had to try their new Masquara, and I love it so much. I think its my new favorite and I rarely find a good dramatic mascara. I’m starting to just really like this brand, I wonder if I should try their other makeup?

Ginger + Liz – Wax Coat Polishes!

I had to get both of these wax coat polishes. On their site, there are two colors of Wax Coat polishes… Royal Flush and Gray Area. Click here to see the info on it!

It is supposed to dry like candle wax.

I think it did what it said!!

It isn’t dry and rough like a matte polish, isn’t that cool?