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Orly – Worth Millions is the best yellow ever!

Thank you, Orly, for making the perfect yellow!

Bright with no gold or bronze tones to it! 🙂


Orly – Worth Millions

I think this is my holy grail yellow which I never could quite get right when I’d try different ones.

It’s like a neon version of a perfect pastel yellow without gold in it!

Look how it seems to glow in the dark car or the park at dusk 🙂

Favorite Yellows

My favorite yellow was always American Apparel – Butter ( https://hollyshimmerspark.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/american-apparel-butter/ ), but now these are my two favorites!

The top one is Orly – Worth Millions and the bottom is China Glaze – Whip It.

The main difference is that Worth Millions is more neon, and Whip It is more pastel. 🙂