OPI – My Private Jet (holographic green label)

So this is supposed to be the 2nd batch that is still holographic but the “teal flash” version!

I swapped it on MUA for my backup of Nfu Oh 61, and I’m wearing it today.

I think the holo effect is a lot stronger in the bottle than on the nail, it is kind of scattered on the nail. This is over the Nfu Oh Aqua Base Coat too. In the sun it looks amazing though!


I wonder if I will ever find the real original one!

2 thoughts on “OPI – My Private Jet (holographic green label)

  1. Olivia

    It sure looks amazing in the bottle. Such a shame it isn’t as holo on the nails, but it’s pretty nonetheless. I’m sure one lovely day you’ll find it. Don’t give up. 🙂

    1. Holly Post author

      Yeah I’m shocked at how not holo it is on the nail unless you’re in full sun. I do love my brown polishes though so I gotta keep it!


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