Orly – Worth Millions is the best yellow ever!

Thank you, Orly, for making the perfect yellow!

Bright with no gold or bronze tones to it! 🙂


Orly – Worth Millions

I think this is my holy grail yellow which I never could quite get right when I’d try different ones.

It’s like a neon version of a perfect pastel yellow without gold in it!

Look how it seems to glow in the dark car or the park at dusk 🙂

Favorite Yellows

My favorite yellow was always American Apparel – Butter ( https://hollyshimmerspark.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/american-apparel-butter/ ), but now these are my two favorites!

The top one is Orly – Worth Millions and the bottom is China Glaze – Whip It.

The main difference is that Worth Millions is more neon, and Whip It is more pastel. 🙂

Essie – Sheers To You – Treat Love & Color

Sorry about the lack of editing here, I have a newborn at home! 🙂 Best excuse ever!

Anyway, I wanted to try this treatment line for the longest time but kept putting it off. Finally, a CVS coupon plus a waiting period for my prescription led to me buying one of these!

Sheers To You looked pretty because of the pink shimmer but I couldn’t find any swatches… so here are some swatches! There must be some available online in case you want to see it too!

Not too much to see, but sometimes you still just must see. 🙂