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Harmony Gelish – Sweet Chocolate and a gel hybrid review!

Here is the video I uploaded to YouTube!

This is what you need if you want to try this at home! You need a base coat, color, top coat, uv lamp, and rubbing alcohol to just get the tacky layer off once you’re all done.

I wanted to try this quickly since I had sprained my wrist, so I just went to Sally Beauty for it. I wanted to try CND Shellac but all they had was Harmony Gelish, which is the same process, so I grabbed that!

They have this Basics Kit, which is on sale quite a bit! It has everything you need but a color and the lamp.

The color I picked to try was Sweet Chocolate.

The lamp they had at Sally Beauty was a 9w one, so I decided I could wait 2 more days and got this UV light from Amazon, that has timer settings, which I love!

You can get the smaller 9W ones from Sally Beauty or somewhere online, it’ll just have to cure a couple of minutes longer. I’m too impatient, so I went with the full-blast one!

The kit came with a step-by-step tutorial video, so it was super easy! In case you didn’t want to buy that kit, I found a lot of how-to videos on youtube, or if you have any questions, let me know!

Some people even said they used the gel hybrid base and top coat but put normal polish on as the color… it wouldn’t last a few weeks, but it still lasted more than 1 week, so it is an improvement if you wanted to just get the base, top, lamp and alcohol!

Oh, and this stuff doesn’t come off if you use nail polish remover a lot on other people or your toes… there’s this top layer that protects it. So when you want to remove it, you just file a tiny bit off the top glossy layer (just for a few seconds, its really not a pain) and do the foil method where you just put acetone on a cotton/pad and wrap each finger with foil so it sits on the nail. After 10 minutes, you just pull it off with some pressure on each nail and it comes right off! It was so much easier than I thought.

I love this stuff!

I got some Shellac already and I got an OPI axxium of You Don’t Know Jacques… they are coming out with a lot more gel hybrids you can soak off at home too, so it should be pretty easy for you to find colors you like.

Water marble!

I made a second attempt at making you guys a tutorial video!

This time, the camera was much better… I’m not sure the educational part was as good since it was my first time water marbling, but hopefully you’ll learn something, even if its how not to? 🙂

The first try was not a success, so I learned something myself… but my second time came out pretty cool! Next time I should be able to do it for a real manicure.

(The polishes I use here are hard candy sky, entity brown plum, color club vintage couture, eyeko pastel, zoya shimmer, and maybelline pink halo.)

Nail Stamping Tutorial

I wanted to send Jules and Olivia for giving me the blog awards (below) so I sent them a new Bundle Monster plate. Olivia said she’s never done any nail stamping at all, so I sent her a stamper and a Revlon metallic silver polish to try stamping with.

I also made her a quick tutorial video and put it on YouTube, so I’ll post it here.

When I did my Easter Giveaway, the thing that was said the most in response to me asking if there’s anything you’d like to see more of was tutorials! So here’s my first one… I WILL use a better camera next time and I won’t be such a spaz maybe? 🙂