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Happy 2013 Giveaway! Featuring Lynnderella’s Snow Angel!

Happy 2013 Giveaway - With a brand new Lynnderella - Snow Angel

I know everyone wants Lynnderella’s Snow Angel, and even if you already have it, they are selling for a ton on eBay! So I thought it’d be exciting to feature that in my giveaway, since I have a brand new, unswatched, big round bottle of it!

I want to pick 3 winners again. So I’ll ask you what your favorite items are from these, and the grand prize winner will get 4, including Snow Angel! The 2nd place winner will get another 4 polishes, and the 3rd will get 3. Every time I’ve done it this way, I’ve been able to give everyone some polishes that they wanted most, so it was pretty fun!

Here is the list of the polishes in the giveaway! Click if you’d like to see google images swatches for each.

To enter, you can do one of two things, or both for an extra entry!

1. Use the giveaway picture and post/blog about this somewhere, put the URL to your post into the form.
Picture to use -> http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8222/8346691467_0d150cc61a.jpg
Link to the giveaway to use -> http://happy2013giveaway.shimmerspark.com

2. Become a facebook friend!
Here I am -> http://www.facebook.com/shimmerspark
(Just put your facebook name into the form, even if you were already my facebook friend.

I will pick the winners randomly, on February 10th!

If you don’t see the form load below this line, click here to go to the original post so that it will load for you


My Favorite Franken!

I want to gush about the girl who made this, but she didn’t want me to just yet, so I WILL with the next bottle I get from her! 🙂

I usually love to look at these awesome glitter mixes, but have a hard time wearing them. THIS one is just 100% awesomeness. Brown base with silver and rose-colored glitter. Its SO perfect for me!

I really got so many compliments on this one, so many more than I get with any other polish actually. I hope she makes more of these and gives it a good name. 🙂

I wore it on my Bachelorette Party day and still have it on my toes.

I’ll have to remove it to do my wedding french mani/pedi tonight.

Wedding in 2 days! I’m so excited, I’m a huge spaz.

Oh and I lost 40 pounds since Jan 1st so I could be at the weight I was a few years ago for my wedding day.

Okay, too excited and must stop babbling.

BB Couture – Lazy Bum

I LOVE this polish!

I thought it was going to be too light of a taupe but it dried to the perfect medium brown taupe. And it has tons of complexity actually. Lots of silver glitter, brownish sparkle… there’s nothing like this one for sure!

Don’t be thrown off by the name and the dirty color, its gorgeous!

Dollish Polish – Cold Winds Are Rising

This is from one of the awesome franken designers on etsy. I couldn’t pass up a grayish blue jelly with pretty blue and silver sparkles in it!

There are also some larger hex glitters in a really pretty darker blue that really stand out when they land on your nail among the other smaller blue and silver particles.

I put it over Color Club – Take Me To Your Chateau this time. I actually saw myself in the mirror after and thought it was too smurfy blue with that underneath. Next time I’ll try putting it over a white and a light gray. I’ll swatch it again when I do!

Here is the base color so you can see how it made it so blue instead of more of the grayish color like the polish is…

I know, my nails are SO short right now… so much envelope-making and other wedding crafts have torn up my nails lately!

Nails for my New Orleans trip! :)

This took forever, but I love how it ended up! I wish it was sunnier so I could get a better picture, but here it is for now…


This is a layer of OPI – Black Onyx, a layer of Nicole by OPI – Nicole’s Nickel, a stripe of Black Onyx on the top corner with OPI – Sanguine on top of that black stripe, then the bow stamped with Konad white!

I also put the Shellac base coat first, then at the end I did the Shellac top coat and cured it 2x so that this will last… hopefully at least a week and a half or 2? 🙂

I love that Konad bow plate, I need to use it more often. It is m7.

(I’m adding a black with silver glitter nail art striping polish to the Halloween Giveaway, I thought it would be a good one to go with those!)

GOSH – Holographic

The last post didn’t really do this one justice… although this post might not either, since its so hard to capture its awesomeness!



Some of you who have gotten packages from me for giveaways or something else might have gotten a sticker with some of this painted on it… like for the last one, I used a cupcake sticker and put this as the cupcake wrapper… it isn’t just amazing on nails, I just love putting it all over everything. ha!

In this swatch you can see my nail ridges, but I’ll do another one with the aqua base coat, it looks even more awesome actually!

Silver Holographic Comparison

I don’t have China Glaze OMG or the Nfu Oh one, but I would think they can’t be better than the GOSH Holographic, right?

The love & beauty one (from Forever 21) was surprisingly gorgeous! The particles are big like glitter, but for the price, its pretty awesome.

The China Glaze Holographic one wasn’t that holographic compared to the others, and the Golden Rose is another one that is really awesome for the price… it has a pretty good holo effect and its only about 3 dollars!

Golden Rose – 102, China Glaze – Hologram, love & beauty – Disco Nights, GOSH – Holographic

GOSH Holographic is seriously holographic, especially over an aqua base coat, which I will also swatch soon, so I can show a comparison of with and without the aqua base coat!

Sally Hansen – Fractured Foil

This is my first crackle polish. My Mom surprised me with it in my birthday gift bag, so I had to give it a try. It was actually fun to play with even though I thought I wouldn’t be into the crackles!

I put it over a light iridescent pink from LA Colors…

Here is the LA Colors bottle if you wanted to see what was underneath, it is called Caribbean Pink. I put it over a plain pinkish ridge filler.

Maybe I’ll give another color or two a try.

I can NOT wait to find an Ulta with the new China Glaze Metro Collection, I’m dying of impatience!

L.A. Girl – Pleasures

This was the one I loved out of the 3 I got from the shimmery nude collection of theirs.

I happen to love the color mauve, and usually light ones don’t look so good on me, but this one was a keeper! It has a silver shimmer to it like the others did.


I did a french manicure for Mother’s Day weekend and stamped hot pink flowers on the tips! I’m uploading some for the next post.

I hope all of you Mothers had a really nice Mother’s Day! I had fun with my Mom! 🙂

Target Exclusive Nicole by OPI polishes and news on the Zoya Earth Day promo!

The Zoya Earth Day promo starts as soon as their baby chick video gets 20,000 views, so let’s all go see it!

I just ordered 28 color spoons so I’ll be ready to order some I haven’t tried yet. I definitely have a lot of polish I can send in! I didn’t do the previous earth day promos, so I’m really excited! You just send in any polish bottles you don’t want and you get a Zoya in return for about 3 dollars a bottle. I’m not sure what the price will be this year but we get to find out as soon as the video has enough views.

Anyway, I did a custom purchase for one of the really awesome swappers I’ve met on makeupalley.com last week. She moved to Switzerland and can’t get any of our Target Exclusive Nicole polishes, so I got
You’re S-teal the One, Iceburg Lotus, Sea How Far You Go, and Make a Comet-ment for her. I didn’t want to swatch them on my nails since I got them brand new for her, so I just did a quick swatch on a clean, new nail wheel so I could show them off.

I did each of these 4 polishes as one coat on the left side of the wheel, and then 3 coats each on the right side of the wheel. The colors are really duochrome-ish and the Comet-ment one is like a holo. Aren’t they pretty?

You’re S-teal the One, Iceburg Lotus, Sea How Far You Go, Make a Comet-ment

There were other colors as well that were just as awesome, you should check them out if you’re near a Target!

OPI – Can You Tapas This

I had seen this one around so many times, in blogs, in stores… and I never really had any interest but I picked it up when I bought Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ (swatch coming soon!) because it looked like BBQ mixed with chocolate! Or, like mole sauce!

I was in Spain last year for a couple of weeks and nothing about the polish reminded me of tapas, or Spain in general. The best thing I had in Spain was actually a hamburger. ha! (From Homeburger, OMG don’t miss out on that place if you go to Madrid.) I should say the best food… I was loving all the Rioja more than anything.

Well now this whole thing has me thinking of Spain again afterall. *sigh* If you want to see my pictures from the trip, I made an online album. 🙂

Anyways, focus Holly… I’m SO glad I finally gave this polish a try because I actually really love it!


Its such a nice creme formula that looks good in the shade and in the sun. I can’t explain why its so special, I couldn’t really tell until it was on my nails.


After a few days, I decided to stamp it with Konad silver polish. I usually do that when I still love the color but got bored enough to at least do one last thing to it before I remove it!

Me Me Me – Pewter

This is a color I don’t have yet! Not even close! Pewter has a metallic silver look with an olive green tone to it. It isn’t that light actually, it can appear light in the shade, but in the light, the contrast really changes and it pops!


I’m keeping this one for sure, it is the one metallic color I definitely had nothing close to. And it goes on really nicely in 2 coats, which is always ideal for me.

Color Club – Nothing But Truffle & CHI – Love That Milky Way

This one is just so gorgeous where the sun hits it very directly, but other than that it just looks like plain glossy black. I’m so sad, I wish it looked that way all the time! Don’t you just love where the sun does directly hit it?

This one was a real dud for me… CHI – Love That Milky Way. I’m sure its a great formula because it goes on well and is opaque in 2 coats. Its really shimmery, its just like light taupe with light silver/taupe glitter. That translated to a big blah on my nails.

Disliked them both in different ways, but we can’t always love the ones we order can we!?

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Decorous

This is one of their newest polishes that just went on sale last week. I had to grab this one before they sold out!

It is a lighter milky taupe, a lot like China Glaze – Ingrid. Actually, it is just like Butter London – Fash Pack but with silver shimmer instead of gold!

The reason I swapped Fash Pack was because of all the gold shimmer, but you can see in the 2nd, more lit picture, that there’s a lot of silver shimmer in this one!

Their polishes always surprise me because they are nice and thin, and so easy to apply! They seem streaky on the first coat because of how thin they are, but the 2nd coat never fails to turn out nicely.

Are you going jump on this one?

Del Sol – Flirt

I feel like such a dork being so excited about these, because I used to pass them up… but I saw them at our new Walgreen’s and grabbed 3 of them for $10.

This one is Flirt. It seems a little boring without sun, but at least its a nice shimmer with white reflection so it looks clean. This picture kind of shows my yellowy nail underneath though, eek! Maybe next time I’ll wear it over white.


So in the shade, when you get a tiny bit of sun, it starts to look a pretty peach-ish pink…

But then in the sun, it is an awesome metallic shimmery pink! And it got so dark that I have no visible nail line anymore!

The others I have are First Kiss and Ruby Slipper so those will come later.

LASplash Glitters


I got a few of these in the last couple of weeks. Lighthouse was too odd for me so I swapped it right away. I held onto these 3:

Tahitian Flame, Sugar Crystal, and Jewels

Tahitian Flame is my favorite! I thought it was going to look purple (I don’t like purple btw), but it looks more gray than purple!

Here’s Sugar Crystal and Jewels, left to right:

I’m going to put Sugar Crystal up for swap, it just isn’t very flattering on me, and I don’t like when there isn’t a base color so you can see my smile line underneath.

I love Jewels though! Such a pretty sparkley pink!

I think their swatches on their site are a bit too different from what they actually look like, so I’ll have to go searching for swatches the next time I buy them.