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LA Splash – Glitz & Berry

This is one of my most favorite and most used polishes. Its so perfect for some reason! The glitter is not too chunky or too sparse, the base isn’t too clear or thick… and the price is amazingly perfect too, I must say.

They sell these glitter polishes at Ulta. You can also get these on CherryCulture.com or probably some other online shops!

I took one while I was out too!

I wore it in DC, to the award ceremony at the Air & Space Museum! It was a really formal event and I thought it would go perfectly with my black dress. 🙂

I also wore it for our Love Story video we filmed to play at our wedding reception.

Illamasqua – Vice

I wore this one a whole week and realized I hadn’t swatched it so you’ll see some chips, but I can rarely wear a nail polish that long and have it looking only this bad! haha! And of course this is with no top coat, so it keeps that rubbery look.

Their new 4 polishes with the waxy coat are SO awesome.

This one is Vice. Its a rich berry-ish color but on the warm side.

I can’t wait to try Taint. 🙂
(Some things you just never think you’ll have a reason to say?)

Oh and I had to try their new Masquara, and I love it so much. I think its my new favorite and I rarely find a good dramatic mascara. I’m starting to just really like this brand, I wonder if I should try their other makeup?

OPI – Tease-y Does It vs Nubar – Raspberry Truffle

I finally put these side-by-side so I could really tell exactly what the difference was between them!

From far away, you can’t really tell a difference at all!

If you look closely though, Raspberry Truffle is definitely more of a berry and Tease-y Does It has more of a cola color to it!

Now I finally know which one I prefer… OPI Tease-y Does It!

Do you have a preference too, or am I just too picky? 😉

Zoya – Reva

I thought I was going to end up liking this the least of their new summer collection, but I actually like it the most!

It looks red in the bottle but on the nail, it looks like a really pretty raspberry color with tons of gold sparkle. I imagine if I had 3 or 4 coats, it would look red, but with just 2 coats, it was beautiful and showed off the pinker tones in the base.

It was even more berry-ish in direct sun!

I thought I’d love Faye and swap Reva, but I’m doing the opposite!

Deborah Lippmann – Razzle Dazzle

Okay, this is the last Lippmann polish I had to get. (I think!) I’m so glad I did, I LOVE it! It applies a lot easier than the other larger glitters, and the base color matches the glitter too so after 2 coats, it is nice and even!

Deborah Lippmann – Razzle Dazzle

It does kind of dry a tiny bit gritty though.

China Glaze – Stroll

It took me so long to finally try this one because I always thought it was going to be so dark that it looked black… and then I’d see those gold glass flecks in the bottle, which didn’t help.

Its actually so gorgeous on the nail though! It looks like a dark berry, and the gold glass flecks are underneath the dark jelly base, so they don’t look gold at all, they just really catch the light.

I’m really glad I tried it, now it’ll be one of my favorites. 🙂