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Happy 2013 Giveaway Winners!

Sorry for the delay on picking the winners for my current giveaway!

I had to at least send them out before Winter is over. 🙂

Here are the 3 winners!

Winner #1

Winner #2

Winner #3

I will email you right now to get your mailing address!

My nails are finally growing and not all shredded up, so I’ll post a swatch soon! 🙂

Happy 2013 Giveaway! Featuring Lynnderella’s Snow Angel!

Happy 2013 Giveaway - With a brand new Lynnderella - Snow Angel

I know everyone wants Lynnderella’s Snow Angel, and even if you already have it, they are selling for a ton on eBay! So I thought it’d be exciting to feature that in my giveaway, since I have a brand new, unswatched, big round bottle of it!

I want to pick 3 winners again. So I’ll ask you what your favorite items are from these, and the grand prize winner will get 4, including Snow Angel! The 2nd place winner will get another 4 polishes, and the 3rd will get 3. Every time I’ve done it this way, I’ve been able to give everyone some polishes that they wanted most, so it was pretty fun!

Here is the list of the polishes in the giveaway! Click if you’d like to see google images swatches for each.

To enter, you can do one of two things, or both for an extra entry!

1. Use the giveaway picture and post/blog about this somewhere, put the URL to your post into the form.
Picture to use -> http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8222/8346691467_0d150cc61a.jpg
Link to the giveaway to use -> http://happy2013giveaway.shimmerspark.com

2. Become a facebook friend!
Here I am -> http://www.facebook.com/shimmerspark
(Just put your facebook name into the form, even if you were already my facebook friend.

I will pick the winners randomly, on February 10th!

If you don’t see the form load below this line, click here to go to the original post so that it will load for you


Party Hearty

I finally unpacked my nail polish and found my China Glaze Party Hearty, just in time for our work Christmas party. It was awesome, they had it at a nice hotel, bought us and our dates food, drinks, and even cab vouchers!

Anyway, I had to swatch with my right hand for once since my left hand still has a short ugly nail that needs to grow.

I started with OPI Germanicure to have a darker base, then covered it with China Glaze Ruby Pumps! I left my toes like that, but on my nails, I added a layer of Party Hearty. 🙂

I also got a cool set together for my next giveaway! It will include China Glaze, Essie, Nubar, Color Club, Milani, Duri, Del Sol, Nox Twilight, and even a Lynnderella!

Yep, I’m going to giveaway this sweet thing – A new, unused, unswatched, virgin Snow Angel!

Spring Giveaway Winners and Wedding Dress Pictures!

First, let’s get to the winners, since I’ve made you wait long enough!

Winner #1 – Patricia
She will get 4 that she listed as her favorite picks and the awesome blue glow polish!

Winner #2 – Eugenia
She will get 3 that she listed as her favorite picks!

Winner #3 – Melita
She will get 2 from her favorite picks and 1 from the favorite picks of the other winners that I hope she will love. 🙂

Go ahead and send me your address, girls! I have these ready to send out, so you will get them pretty quickly. Sorry again for the delay, can’t say that enough…

Melita asked to see a picture of me in my whole wedding dress, and I was like yay, I thought you would never ask! haha

It felt so huge and heavy but it was a gorgeous dress that I fell in love with the first day I went looking. And I had a corset back put in!

Somehow, when it was time for our dance, we didn’t have much trouble with the huge dress and were able to still do this…

The one of me with my bridesmaids kind of shows off the top beading more… and by the way, I’m so lucky to have best friends like these!

What a happy post this was! hee hee

Spring Giveaway!

That pretty glowing one there at the top is from Night Reflections! Its the clear with glitter that glows Aqua in the dark! Fresh from their shop. Since I have my polishes up on a rack, I can see this one glowing twice as much as my others, even the OPI and China Glaze polishes I have that are glow in the dark! The first winner will get that plus 4 of the others.

I want to pick 3 winners again. So I’ll ask you what your favorite items are from the rest of them, and the first winner will get 4! The next two will get 3 each. Last time I was able to give everyone something they wanted, so it was pretty fun!

Left to Right: Sally Hansen – Ice, AQumore – P039, LA Girls – Enchanting, NYX – Perfect Gray, Sinful Colors – Easy Going, NYX – Dreamy Glitter, Essence – King of Mints, Revlon – Starry Pink (aka Popular), FingerPaints – Gossamer White, and a limited edition tinted SoftLips SPF 15 in pearl (never opened, of course)!

The difference now is… I have no more Google Friend Connect. So there went my followers and my method of doing giveaways. (Until we figure out the best new way, that is!)

So this time, to enter, you can do one of two things, or both for an extra entry!

1. Use the giveaway picture and post/blog about this somewhere, put the URL to your post into the form
(The link to the giveaway is -> http://shimmerspark.com/posts/spring-giveaway-2012)

2. Become a follower in another type of network and comment to tell me your username on that network

(Just go on my sidebar over to the right and pick from Google+ Circles, HelloCotton, Bloglovin, Networked Blogs, or LinkyFollowers. Become a follower and post a comment to this entry to let me know what your username is for what network. If you have trouble with the new comments system, please email me or send a facebook message/wall post!)

I’ll close this one before my wedding, so I’ll go with May 18th!

As always, thank you again so much for reading my blog! I love giving you guys presents so I can do more than just say thank you!


GOSH – Purple Heart

I love these oil slick nail polishes. This one is called Purple Heart.


It has a nice powdery dark plum color on the nail, but in the bottle, it really shifts from purple, to green, to a whole oil slick palette on the outsides. See?

I want to do another giveaway soon! I thought it was really fun to choose 2 winners and send them something they chose out of a list so I know that they’ll be loving what they get. I think I’ll get a few really good ones together and ask you what your favorites are… then pick 2 winners and do my best to send them most of the ones they listed. I have 299 followers, so a 300 followers giveaway will be a good reason to have one! 🙂

I just saw this post and oh holy crap, my trying not to buy more polish plan is going to go right down the toilet. I have to have Chanel April, and China Glaze Magnetix!!!!

Also, I’d just like to say that I officially like the Harmony Gelish hybrid gel system more than the CND Shellac! It just works so much better for me in terms of how long it lasts and how well it seals around the edges.

That is all!

Halloween Giveaway :)

I got a few things together that I know most people would love for a quick Halloween Giveaway!

Wet N Wild – Morbid, Borghese – Stellare Notte, Wet N Wild – Eggplant Frost, and Golden Rose – 82. Plus Black Galaxy, a black Revlon eyeshadow that’s really metallic and shimmery!

(I’m adding a black with silver glitter nail art striping polish to the Halloween Giveaway, I thought it would be a good one to go with those!)

I’ll pick the winner on Halloween!
(Or most likely, November 1st! ha!)

Picture link -> http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i378/hollycoffeebean/halloweengiveaway.jpg
Giveaway link -> http://shimmerspark.com/posts/halloween-giveaway

Tuff Scent Giveaway Winners!

The two winners were April and Kate!

If they didn’t list a blog, I went and looked on Facebook anyway so I could give them some links. 🙂
April’s is http://concreteandnailpolish.blogspot.com/ and Kate’s is http://fishing4beauty.blogspot.com/!

I’m sending April the Truth and Guardian Angel, and I’m sending Kate the sparkly Wisdom!

Just send me your addresses, girls, and I’ll get these out! 🙂

P.S. – MidniteEcho75, don’t be embarrassed, I LOVE that song too! Ana D, I’ve been listening to that one full blast and singing it in the shower. haha! And Kristen, I’ve always loved that one. 🙂

Tuff Scent Giveaway!

If you haven’t seen my last post, go see it, I gushed about this brand a lot!

I was going to give away 1 bottle to 2 people, but tuffscent.com was so generous and sent me an extra free bottle, so I’m going to actually choose 2 names and the first winner will get 2 bottles!

They are:
Truth (pineapple kiwi-scented), Guardian Angel (china lily-scented), Wisdom (grapefruit-scented)

When you enter, I’m going to ask you what your top 2 choices would be so that when I pick both names, I’ll try my best to send you what you wanted most.

As always, you get an extra entry for posting about the giveaway, since it helps me connect with more awesome nail polish addicts I wouldn’t get to find any other way! 🙂
Here are a link and picture you can use -> http://shimmerspark.com/posts/tuff-scent-giveaway & http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i378/hollycoffeebean/giveaway-tuffscent.jpg

I’ll end this one on August 31st.

Holographic Giveaway Winner is…

Whew, it took a while to delete entries people had put in more than once, but making sure they had 2 if they posted about it… but I finally picked one!

The winner is TrailerHood Chic! Yay!!

Every time I pick a winner and go look at their blog, I’m blown away… look how awesome her blog is, and my little Google Friend Follower icon thingy matches her page. 😀

I’ll be sending you an email right now!

I’m off for the 4th of July weekend, so you won’t hear from me until Tuesday. Have a fun holiday if you’re in the US!

Giveaway – Holographic Stuff!

Since everyone is into holographic things lately, including myself, I wanted to do a fun giveaway with some new holographic stuff!

Here’s what you’ll win! You can click each one for google image swatches if you’re curious. 🙂

China Glaze – Hologram (Tronica)
China Glaze – Gamer Glam (Tronica)
Golden Rose – 102
Jesse’s Girl Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss – Wicked (like the Inglot holographic lip glosses)
Hard Candy – Glitteratzi in Platinum – majorly holographic eye shadow gel

Oh and the most fun part…
A big ol’ container of Coastal Scents fine holographic particles that you can use in frankens, makeup, or even spray bottles like your favorite body spray, etc!

This one is open to anyone, any place in the world… you just need to be a google follower!

Just fill out the form for an entry into the drawing, and as always you can post about it for an extra entry. If you do post about it, please use the picture if you can and link to -> http://shimmer.starscene.com/ss/blog/index.php/giveaway-holographic

I’ll pick the winner on July 1st! 🙂

Quick USA Giveaway – Essence @holographics trio!

When my friend in Switzerland sent me the You Rock polishes, she also sent some of the new @holographics products!

Since these are impossible to get in the US right now (unless you’re lucky enough to have a European friend!?) and they’re so interesting (although I can’t really say they are that holographic?), I wanted to do a quick giveaway to US-only so that you guys can check them out!

These are the 3 things I’ll send you!

eyeshadow in lil@c, lipgloss in holoberry, and nail polish in prismatic white

This ends on June 17th! I’ll be shipping it out on June 18th!

-You must be in the US for this one since I want someone here to be able to get these and check them out before they get to the US
-You must be a follower with Google Friend Connect on the right sidebar

You can post about it if you want an extra entry, as always.
(http://shimmer.starscene.com/ss/blog/index.php/usa-giveaway-essence-holographics-trio is the URL, and you can use the above picture if you’d like as well!)

This will be a fast and fun one! 🙂

Don’t worry international followers… another holographic giveaway with other brands is coming up that’ll be open to everyone! That one is going to be up next week! (USA friends, feel free to enter both of course, you could potentially be picked twice!)

Form to enter is here!

Spring Giveaway!!

Yay, its finally time! I am excited that I got to put together some Easter & Spring colored polishes of all different brands, and some other stuff too.

I think this is the most fun way to thank you guys for following my blog! As always, you can enter no matter where you are in the world.

Here is what you can win if you enter by April 25th!

OPI – Dutch Tulips

Eyeko – Lilac Polish

Nubar – Pink Shimmer

American Apparel – Butter
(the most perfect pastel yellow I’ve ever found!)

Diamond Cosmetics – Cotton Candy
(pretty shimmery pink)

Bundle Monster Stamping Plate – BM08
(new, with protective layer still on, so remember to remove it!)

Sally Hansen HD – Hi Def
(Easter grass green!)

e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Gloss – Candy Fix
(still sealed of course!)

GOSH – Extreme Art Eye Liner – 22
(a new and sealed glittery eye liner in a nice Easter grass green sparkle!)

OPI Avojuice – Jasmine Juicie

Small pot of Dust Bunny!!
This is my most favorite eye shadow right now… overallbeauty.com‘s grayish mineral powder shadow with TONS of micro sparkles that catch your eye in pink, blue, green and purple.

I’ll also add a good SPF moisturizer sample, mini nail files, and the full Misa color chart with the latest collections as well as their full line!


Here’s how to enter!

Enter your Google Follower Name, email, and current favorite nail polish (I’ll look up swatches!) by the morning of April 25th.

+1 additional entry: Enter the link to where you posted my giveaway picture and a link to this entry! It could be your blog, your sidebar, or your website… just paste your link so I can see it and check out your site!
(URLs to use for the picture and link are http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i378/hollycoffeebean/springgiveaway.jpg and http://shimmerspark.com/posts/spring-giveaway/ )

Good luck and Happy Spring! 🙂

Almost time for my first giveaway!

I decided to add a page to keep a list of what giveaway is coming up and what the prizes will be. You can find that here, which is at the top of the blog:


I decided to start this at 12 followers so now I’m only 3 followers away! 🙂

For now, here’s a swatch I had snapped last week.

China Glaze – Turned up Turquoise (Neon)
It sure is neon!