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Spring Giveaway!

That pretty glowing one there at the top is from Night Reflections! Its the clear with glitter that glows Aqua in the dark! Fresh from their shop. Since I have my polishes up on a rack, I can see this one glowing twice as much as my others, even the OPI and China Glaze polishes I have that are glow in the dark! The first winner will get that plus 4 of the others.

I want to pick 3 winners again. So I’ll ask you what your favorite items are from the rest of them, and the first winner will get 4! The next two will get 3 each. Last time I was able to give everyone something they wanted, so it was pretty fun!

Left to Right: Sally Hansen – Ice, AQumore – P039, LA Girls – Enchanting, NYX – Perfect Gray, Sinful Colors – Easy Going, NYX – Dreamy Glitter, Essence – King of Mints, Revlon – Starry Pink (aka Popular), FingerPaints – Gossamer White, and a limited edition tinted SoftLips SPF 15 in pearl (never opened, of course)!

The difference now is… I have no more Google Friend Connect. So there went my followers and my method of doing giveaways. (Until we figure out the best new way, that is!)

So this time, to enter, you can do one of two things, or both for an extra entry!

1. Use the giveaway picture and post/blog about this somewhere, put the URL to your post into the form
(The link to the giveaway is -> http://shimmerspark.com/posts/spring-giveaway-2012)

2. Become a follower in another type of network and comment to tell me your username on that network

(Just go on my sidebar over to the right and pick from Google+ Circles, HelloCotton, Bloglovin, Networked Blogs, or LinkyFollowers. Become a follower and post a comment to this entry to let me know what your username is for what network. If you have trouble with the new comments system, please email me or send a facebook message/wall post!)

I’ll close this one before my wedding, so I’ll go with May 18th!

As always, thank you again so much for reading my blog! I love giving you guys presents so I can do more than just say thank you!


shimmerspark.com got a makeover!

Upgrading my comments system made me want to update my whole look…

I’m really into the greenish blue and mauve lately because they’re my wedding colors, so I put together some stuff in photoshop. I couldn’t help but add the cute little birds for Spring. 🙂

I’m going to start working on a giveaway!

Color Club – Fast Paced

I hadn’t seen this one swatched so I took a chance when I bought it! Its actually a keeper of mine!

Its a bright pink but a warmer pink, not neon, not hot pink, not baby pink… hard to describe, but the picture is a pretty accurate representation of it, so here you have it!

I start my new job tomorrow and I’m a little stressed, its hard to move my neck and my shoulders are on fire… I usually don’t tense up like this when I stressed, I usually just get a stomach ache, so this is new to me.

Orly – Pixy Stix

I love this reddish pink springy color. It isn’t neon but its really bright and happy!

I took this one in the shade, but I think I see some blue sky reflecting in the glossy finish of it…

This one I took in the sun is closer to the exact color!

I haven’t gotten any of the new polishes out yet, have you? I have been so busy, but my next post has to be about 2 blog awards I just got this weekend. I WILL do that today! 🙂

4 Spring Peaches!

There are only 18 entries in my Spring Giveaway guys, so your chances are really good. Just FYI!

Illamasqua Purity was my first peach polish, and I loved it, so I wanted to do a little comparison of the others I picked up recently!

Here is American Apparel’s Summer Peach. I think pale Peach is much more springy than summery…

I compared it here with Illamasqua Purity. You can see how Purity is more glossy and a little darker of a shade. Both are very pretty!

Then I added another two so I could compare them all side-by-side. The two I added are Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Lulu and a new one that forever21.com had, which was Feminine Wiles by love & beauty. (Their polishes don’t really have names on the bottles so I labeled it as love & beauty’s peach but when I went through to find my old invoice, I saw that on the site, it is named Feminine Wiles. They describe it as baby pink but to me its pretty peachy!?)

Oh, and don’t miss out on Zoya’s Earth Day promo! It is SUCH a good deal! My color spoons should get here by tonight so I’ll be filling my cart before I go to bed. 🙂

Details here!!

Spring Giveaway!!

Yay, its finally time! I am excited that I got to put together some Easter & Spring colored polishes of all different brands, and some other stuff too.

I think this is the most fun way to thank you guys for following my blog! As always, you can enter no matter where you are in the world.

Here is what you can win if you enter by April 25th!

OPI – Dutch Tulips

Eyeko – Lilac Polish

Nubar – Pink Shimmer

American Apparel – Butter
(the most perfect pastel yellow I’ve ever found!)

Diamond Cosmetics – Cotton Candy
(pretty shimmery pink)

Bundle Monster Stamping Plate – BM08
(new, with protective layer still on, so remember to remove it!)

Sally Hansen HD – Hi Def
(Easter grass green!)

e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Gloss – Candy Fix
(still sealed of course!)

GOSH – Extreme Art Eye Liner – 22
(a new and sealed glittery eye liner in a nice Easter grass green sparkle!)

OPI Avojuice – Jasmine Juicie

Small pot of Dust Bunny!!
This is my most favorite eye shadow right now… overallbeauty.com‘s grayish mineral powder shadow with TONS of micro sparkles that catch your eye in pink, blue, green and purple.

I’ll also add a good SPF moisturizer sample, mini nail files, and the full Misa color chart with the latest collections as well as their full line!


Here’s how to enter!

Enter your Google Follower Name, email, and current favorite nail polish (I’ll look up swatches!) by the morning of April 25th.

+1 additional entry: Enter the link to where you posted my giveaway picture and a link to this entry! It could be your blog, your sidebar, or your website… just paste your link so I can see it and check out your site!
(URLs to use for the picture and link are http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i378/hollycoffeebean/springgiveaway.jpg and http://shimmerspark.com/posts/spring-giveaway/ )

Good luck and Happy Spring! 🙂