Rose/Mauve Polishes

I was wanting to find a nice rosey mauve color, so I tried Essie Angora Cardi and OPI Japanese Rose Garden. They’re pretty different but I actually like them both! They are both keepers, and I think this is the first Essie polish that actually looks good on me. (Although I still don’t like the way it applies… darn Essie!)

Essie Angora Cardi

OPI Japanese Rose Garden

I want to try the Eyeko Tea Rose or China Glaze Fifth Avenue sometime.

Brown and Mauve colors look the best on me with my super light skin and dark roots/eyebrows. (Even though most of my hair is dyed blonde! ha!)

My favorite nail polish of all time is China Glaze Delight because its like mauve and brown in different lights! 😀

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